Unisun Energy and Unilever work together to promote green new energy sustainable development

On 1st March 2017, Unisun and Unilever held a signing ceremony of 13MW distributed photovoltaic power generation project in Hefei, Anhui. The partnership aims to build a roof power generation project for Unilever Hefei’s global production base, China (Hefei) Logistics Park and Jinshan Food Factory to help Liberty of North Asia fully upgrade its renewable energy solutions and focus on building its new green Image, but also declared Unisun energy officially become Unilever global new energy suppliers. On the same day, Chairman of Unisun, Miss Yisha He, vice president of supply chain of Unilever North Asia, Mr. An Liwen attended the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement reached by the two sides, Unisun Energy will serve as the main new energy supplier of Unilever in China, using Unilever’s plant roof to build a total installed capacity of about 13.4 MW of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects. Among them, China (Hefei) Logistics Park 6.8MW project will use the full Grid-in model, the remaining three projects will be used “self-consumption, surplus Grid-in” model. Project started in March this year, and in July, built and connected, is expected to total annual power generation will be as high as 15.8 GWh.

As the world’s leading green energy solutions provider, Unisun energy is working with world’s leading enterprises on Solar-PV project development and investment in-depth cooperation, following the Uni-President group, Wahaha Group, two food and beverage giant, Unisun started cooperating deeply with the fast moving consumer goods giant, one of the world’s top five hundred united forces to help promote the advanced manufacturing and clean energy in-depth integration, together to create a green concept of the world’s leading manufacturing plant.

Miss Yisha He denoted, Unilever, as one of the world’s leading companies in the world, is one of the world’s top 500 companies, and its positive brand image is deeply rooted among people, and quality products and excellent business management are also the benchmarks of the industry. It will open the “double-Uni” – Unilever, Unisun path of the new chapter, Unilever’s sustainable strategy and social responsibility is worthy of our respect and appreciation. At the same time, the new energy with many years of new energy industry continued to deep plow and accumulation of brand influence to become Unilever’s new energy suppliers, is our brand and the strength of the great recognition. We will select the quality of cooperation projects, from the details of the upgrade system of the power efficiency, but also to do the safe operation of electrical equipment for Unilever ‘s factories and warehouses to provide stable, safe power protection.

Miss Yisha He emphasized that the new energy in 2016 steadily promote the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation project development and investment business. Up to now, Unisun energy distributed photovoltaic projects reserves has reached 500MW. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the total amount of distributed project reserves will exceed 1GW.

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