Major International Energy Conglomerate Engie Enters into Strategic Joint Venture with Unisun Energy Group to Provide Diversified Innovations in Renewables Solutions

Unisun Energy Group (“Unisun”) announces joint venture with Engie China, a Fortune 100 company. Engie will be acquiring a portion of Unisun’s equity as part of the joint venture process. Engie will be appointing a Director to the board of Unisun, as well as, dispatching a senior executive to participate in the daily operations of Unisun. Both Unisun and Engie will apply their respective strengths to the further development of Unisun in the Chinese energy market.

Going forward, Unisun will continue to adopt a comprehensive approach with its global energy development strategy, focusing simultaneously on centralized and distributed energy projects, building large utility scale solar PV facilities in resource rich areas, and distributed generation projects in other areas, with the goal of reaching the 4GW pipeline target by 2020.

Ms. Charlotte Roule, Engie China’s Chief Operating Officer indicates, “As a global leader in energy conversion, we are glad to be able to contribute to the development of China’s renewable energy industry, as well as China’s conversion to a low carbon emission economy. Moreover, having witnessed the efforts of the Chinese government in developing solar and other renewable energy sources through making structural reforms to the
economy, Engie is convinced of the large developmental potentials and opportunities of the Chinese market. Engie has high expectations with respect to the cooperation with Unisun, given Unisun’s rich project development experiences, its elite team of professionals, cutting edge technologies, all of which combined has endowed Unisun with unique and comprehensive advantages. The joint venture with Unisun is indicative of Engie’s ambitions
in leading the trend of energy conversion.

Regarding the joint venture with Engie, Unisun Chairwoman Ms. Yisha He indicates: “The joint venture between Unisun and one of France’s oldest brands in the energy sector is a reflection of the high level recognition of Unisun’s business model and comprehensive service capabilities, both Unisun and Engie will meet the challenges to humanity presented by energy and the environment. The joint venture between Unisun and Engie will invariably
improve and enhance Unisun’s liquidity, scale, and professional capabilities, thereby providing Unisun with the strong backing required for its future diversified energy solutions.

France’s Engie Group and Engie China

France’s Engie Group is one of the world’s foremost leaders in the energy industry, with extensive experience and technological expertise in the renewables, energy efficiency, natural gas industry chain, and digitial technology sectors, providing individuals, cities, and companies with highly efficient, innovative solutions. As a global leader in the energy sector, Engie hopes to further develop the Chinese market with its unlimited prospects, and as such established Engie China. Engie China will rely on the advantages of Engie Group in terms of development, profesional expertise, research and development, and other areas of innovation, thereby increase its presence in the Chinese market, and continue to actively seek out important partners in the Chinese energy sector in order to accelerate its efforts to develop the Chinese market.

Unisun Energy Group

Unisun Energy Group is a global, renewable energy solutions provider with extensive experience and capabilities in the areas of solar PV facility investment, development, construction, and smart energy management. With teams of elite professional, rigorous German engineering principles, scientific management processes and impeccable quality standards, Unisun Energy Group provides high standard, high quality, and high return energy solutions to many of its Fortune 500 clients.

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